1/4" Template, Fan 2" Odd, Medium

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Qtr Fan 2" Odd M
2.0" Odd Fan Slotted Ruler, 1/4" thick, Medium Slot Width

2.0 Odd Fan Slotted Ruler, 1/4" Thick, Medium Slot width - There are 5 arced slots 2 inches apart, each with a different odd radius (1", 3", 5", 7", 9"). The largest arc has a 18" diameter (9" radius).  The template allows you to stitch double lined Curved Cross Hatching or Baptist Fans accurately and quickly.  This template was designed to be used with the 2.0" Even Fan Slotted Ruler for 1" curved cross hatching.  The template has a Medium Slot Width.  This template is sized for the Handi Quilter, Babylock, and Innova Quilting Systems, and any Quilting System that has a medium hopping foot width.   See our website for instructional videos on how to use this template.  www.terylloy.com